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2018 Astoria International Film Festival
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2018 Festival "Women In Film"

Into our 12th year of the Astoria Film Festival we have looked to the festivals film archives to select films with female producers, directors or films with a female story line. The archival films will provide us the platform for the first all female film screening on the Oregon Coast.

AIFF is dedicated to bringing independent filmmakers from around the world and their work to an appreciative audience. We feature films that we love. We're captivated by the respective director’s compelling subjects, storytelling, cinematography skills, and by the ways in which their work can enrich our lives. We then screen the films in a unique, experientially distinctive film festival setting.
  • Living While Dying
  • In Her Blood
  • Passion & Power, The Technology of Orgasm
  • The Girls In The Band
  • Equal Means Equal
  • Panel Discussion "Women In Film"
  • RBG (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)
  • Anita (Anita Hill)
  • Eloquent Nude
  • The Women (1938)

*Astoria International Film Festival is a non-profit organization.

Ron Craig, Executive Director

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