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Astoria, Oregon - September 8, 2015 – Two award-winning Oregon filmmakers will provide exclusive pre-release screenings of their latest films at the ninth-annual Astoria International Film Festival (AIFF) scheduled for October 16, 17 & 18, 2015 at the Liberty Theater in historic downtown Astoria.

A major coup, this year’s film festival will include...
Liberty Theater
    West Coast Premiere, Exclusive Pre-release Screening
    Ian McCluskey (Portland, OR) will screen his new documentary Voyagers Without Trace (Les Voyageurs Sans Trace) at AIFF one week before the film’s Portland, OR Premiere at OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry).

    Northwest Premiere, Exclusive Pre-release Screening
    Filmed on the Oregon Coast
    Gary Lundgren (Ashland, OR) will screen his new sci-fi thriller Black Road (filmed on the Oregon Coast) at AIFF the day after the film’s Los Angeles, CA Premiere, and one week before the film’s Ashland, OR Premiere.
“The Astoria International Film Festival has constantly strived to showcase the best in filmmaking from Oregon. We truly value our local and resident filmmakers, and it is a privilege to be able to celebrate their work at the festival,” said Ron Craig, AIFF Founder & Executive Director.

“A major coup for AIFF and the city of Astoria, any film festival would be honored to have one filmmaker of McCluskey’s and Lundgren’s exceptional caliber screen at their festival. To have both filmmakers screening over the same long weekend is extraordinary. And to have one screening be a West Coast Premiere and the other a Northwest Premiere, well let’s just say the cinema stars have aligned over Astoria,” said Craig. “Film lovers are in for a real treat.”

Both award-winning filmmakers have screened previously at Astoria International Film Festival. McCluskey’s documentary Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston & Charis Wilson was an audience award winner in 2008. Lundgren’s dramatic Redwood Highway was an audience award winner in 2013.

Both filmmakers are currently planning to attend the festival.

The complete lineup of films to be announced on September 15, 2015 will include documentary, dramatic and short films by U.S. and world independent filmmakers. Ron Craig shared that we can “Expect an intelligently and thoughtfully curated marquee of films, some major coups, unheard of for a film festival of our intimate size.”

Tickets (for each film and all AIFF films) are $5.00 each and will go on sale at the Liberty Theater Box Office in late September.

West Coast Premiere
Exclusive Pre-Release Screening
Voyagers Without Trace (Les Voyageurs Sans Trace)

Ian McCluskey (Portland, OR)
Ian McCluskey is an award-winning film director and the founder of NW Documentary, a nonprofit organization that practices, teaches, and shares the art of nonfiction storytelling. His work has garnered more than a dozen top honors, including four Emmys, and has been featured in international film festivals such as Tribeca, London, and Clermont-Ferrand. His films have been broadcast in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. His work has also screened in major museums such as the Boston Museum of Fine Art and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

The Story
In 1938, three French adventurers were the first to kayak the great rivers of the American West. Newlyweds Genevieve and Bernard de Colmont, and their friend Antoine de Seynes, were three dashing young Parisians seeking adventure. The Trio traveled from their homes in France, boldly setting out to be the first to kayak the Green and Colorado Rivers.

The Trio captured their 900-mile journey on 16mm color film, but the film has remained unseen in an archive for years. It offers a vivid window to a time when the Wild West was transitioning to the Modern West, when the rivers flowed wild and undammed, before guidebooks and GPS. They set out as a new vanguard of outdoor recreationalists, packing a new set of equipment and expectations, to seek out adventure merely for the joie de vivre.

They called themselves, Les Voyageurs Sans Trace - voyagers without trace, gliding lightly down the river, packing minimally, and vanishing into history. Genevieve, who turned 22 on the journey, became the first woman to solo paddle the two rivers. She and Bernard were on their honeymoon, having been married just weeks before the trip.

Seventy-five years after their pioneering journey, filmmaker Ian McCluskey stumbles across a small historic marker in the corner of Wyoming. Inspired by their adventure, Ian learns to kayak, and sets out with two friends to retrace the French Trio’s path. Seeing firsthand the places the French experienced, meeting colorful locals along the way, Ian’s journey leads him through the heart of the American West and eventually back to Europe.

He uncovers unexpected connections to World War II, the French Resistance, Brigitte Bardot, and the spirit of adventure.

Website / film trailer

Northwest Premiere
Exclusive Pre-release Screening
Black Road
Filmed on the Oregon Coast

Gary Lundgren (Ashland, OR)

The story
Neo-noir Thriller (sci-fi thriller)

In 2029, a cyborg drifter risks his life to protect a woman from her demented ex. Set in a lawless coastal town after Oregon secedes from the Union.

Starring: Sam Daly, Leilani Sarelle, Simon Templeman, Michelle Lombardo, Danforth Comins and Andrew Wilson.

Website / film trailer

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